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Terry D

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Terry D  

Network system architecture

Am developing innovative process that addresses archaic, ineffective services provided within secure environments.This process adresses concerns related to contraband search, bio-terror threats, terrorist recruitment, language translation, coded criminal content and evidence and investigation capabilities.

This innovative process has the support and endorsement of respected correctional field professionals as: " one of the best technology ideas I've reviewed in twenty years!"

So why is it that I can find no recources for help with development? Every professional who has reviewed this concept has agreed to the potential impact not only to current practices, but also the collateral advantages such as resource development (money generated from and invested back into prisons). The current archaic systems in place generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual spending, with the huge profits going to private business, and only a small percentage of "legal kickbacks" being returned to the system!

Every day we are bombarded with new doomsday statistics about "not enough money for prisons" but never about the almost criminal profits realized by these secretive vendors with the "sweetheart contracts".

My process offers a fair profit to the private sector, but more importantly offers vast improvements to the safety and effectivness of required services AND a tremendous funding resource to the arena that creates the revenues to begin with.

I need help with the system architecture design, niche market advertising, commercialization, business plan etc.



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Terry D  

Terry D

I have been working to develop this process for over four years. I have some impressive corrections professionals working as consultants against future earning potentials.

I need to build a technical team to design and administrate the system architecture.

I have a provisional Method of Business patent and am preparing to file utility patent application.

I am looking for qualified individuals who have experience and backgrounds with similar efforts. If you have an interest in participating in the development of this solution, and are willing to sign NDA s, I will provide you with all information related to this project and its members/consultants.

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